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Let's work together to tackle those big (or small) changes that are sometimes difficult to make on our own. I want to see you shine. I want to see you happy. I want to help you discover the confident, capable, and fearless you.

I help women, just like you. If you're alone at a crossroads and unsure of your path or even how to trust your inner voice, let's talk. I can help you connect to your intuition and soul so you can live the confident and fulfilling life you want.

What people are saying...

Sarah is a positive, realistic guide to help navigate the journey of life. She doesn't offer quick fixes - she helps you develop your own process for facing obstacles and achieving your goals. Let Sarah help you shine!

Lindsey H.

I try to keep myself together, controlling my emotions and going through life as it throws things at me as best I can. A life of perfection was becoming difficult to uphold, as the universe added a few more dramatic flairs that I wasn't prepared for. So, I sought out Sarah. I didn't think anything would happen because I am a master of pride and emotional control who didn't need anyone's help. But Sarah managed to crack my surface. She helped me realize that bottling up my emotions was causing more pain and damage to myself than my attempt at "saving face" in day-to-day life. What can I say? She's trustworthy, makes you feel at ease, and can help you start making healthy emotional and mental changes in your life. She's a rock star!

Courtney R.