White Hot Truth

Week 2 of my Summer Reading journey was HOT (and I’m not talking about blinding sun and lots of humidity.) I’m talking about White Hot Truth by Danielle LaPorte.

You know when you read a book and think, “I want to have a cup of iced tea (or coffee if you prefer) with this person.” That's how I feel about Danielle. Not so much for her words of wisdom or stirring questions (although those are amazing), but because she is flawed and isn’t afraid to put it out there. I love that!

There is a common theme in a lot of self-help books. “You're flawed and here’s what to do to fix you.” Well, great. Now I feel like crap. But guess what?

You don’t need to be fixed.

Nope. You are perfect just as you are. Just as you have always been and how you will always be.

Is it hard to believe that? I know I have struggled with that notion. From people and religion to books and TV, the idea that we are all flawed is everywhere. But they are wrong. God (Creator, Source, whatever term you feel comfortable using) loves you unconditionally. That means no matter what you do or think or say, you will always be perfect. No matter what. No matter what.

So why is it that people spend so much time trying to fix themselves? Maybe it’s not that they need fixing, but that they need connecting.”

“Joy is what happens when you make contact with your Soul.

When you connect to your soul, to that inner you connected to all things, you have all the strength you need, all the compassion and forgiveness. Not for other people (although that’s good too), but for yourself.

“If you want to increase your joy, deepen your devotion to knowing the Truth. The Truth of who you are.”

My journey through these eight weeks of books isn’t to find out what’s wrong with me to fix it. (I'm perfect just the way I am, remember?) Each book gives me greater insight into myself. The passages that stir something inside of me catch my eye because my soul connects with it. What doesn’t connect, I let go. Every book is a journey deeper into the truth of me by looking through a different window.

Are you ready to look inside for your truth? Find a book sitting on your shelf or your Kindle. Go to the store or online and find a new one. Start reading. Underline or highlight (you can do that digitally too) anything that stirs your soul. Spend time with those ideas. Grab your journal and connect with soul. Ask questions and dig deeper. Learn your truth.

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