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and wonder...

...who am I?

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You know that there is more for you in this life, but time is moving so fast.  You had such amazing dreams when you were young.  You know there is something missing in your life but can’t figure out what it is.

You’re so good at making everyone else happy. But let’s be honest, you struggle to find your own happiness. Even if you had time for yourself, self-care is just being able to take a shower or shave your legs every day.

You’re focused on fear and don’t believe it could be anything different. You fear making the wrong choices so you do nothing instead. If you did put yourself out there, you fear something bad would happen.

Deep down you feel you are not good enough to have the life of your dreams. To you, it seems it will always be just a dream.

You’re angry and frustrated. You’re tired of letting your fears control you. You’re tired of feeling stuck. You’re just plain ol’ tired.  How many times have you said, “I have no idea what I am doing” or “I feel so lost”?

You're done with excuses. You want more.

You want to put yourself first with no guilt or shame. You want to take care of yourself as you need it, not just when the stars have aligned to give you a free moment. You know that the more you fill up on love for yourself, the more love you will have to give to others. Unselfishly make time to read, take a course, or just relax with a cup of coffee without distractions.

You want to trust your heart. You want to let go of the negative thoughts and doubts that have been with you for so long. You want to feel lighter, able to stand proud of your choices. You want to face the challenges of life with grace and love.

You want to wake up with a deep purpose every day. You’re ready to have a meaningful life by doing what connects you to your soul in a way you have never felt before. You want to embrace life, not just survive it. This isn’t about the perfect job, but a purposeful life that inspires you and others.

That voice you hear...your intuition, your soul, your inner voice...that has been calling out is waiting to be heard. You’re ready to trust it and learn how to use it to better tune into what your body and soul needs.


Find your soul’s desires and take the action to get the life you want through a step-by-step program which includes:

Work through and let go of the fears that have stopped you in the past.

Wake up each morning with a renewed sense of purpose and peace of mind.

Feel confident that your choices are sound and mean something.

Tune in with the wisdom of your heart and learn to trust your soul’s guidance.

Why I Started Coaching

Hi there. I’m Sarah Shoop.

It is my passion to empower women to live authentically.  After over 15 years of teaching and training, I started this business after I struggled to find my true self.  The invaluable lessons I have learned led me to take my skills as a teacher to the next level and become a life coach.  What I have always done naturally is now my life’s focus.  I want to help you work through your own struggles and reach your personal goals.

From the outside, I was happy and content with my life, but inside I felt lost and unsatisfied.  I learned to listen to my soul, let go of the past stories that held me back, and moved forward to create the life I wanted to live.

My path to self-discovery opened me to new ideas.  The universe offers so much.  Find what connects with your soul and dive deep to learn more.  Then take it further and put those ideas into action.  This is your life…live it at its fullest.  I will give you the nudge, push, big shove…whatever you need to get moving.  It’s not about talking, it’s about action.  You want to make changes in your life and I want to help you make it happen.


You have all of the answers!

You really do…I promise!  What I want to do is help you find those answers and support you as you finally see yourself in your light…as you finally speak your own truth…as you stand out and shine for the world to see.

If you are ready to make changes in your life, join me.  I want to see you shine.  I want to see you happy.  I want to help you see the you that is there just waiting to go out in the world.

Here's what others are saying:

Sarah is a positive, realistic guide to help navigate the journey of life. She doesn't offer quick fixes, she helps you develop your own process for facing obstacles and achieving your goals. Let Sarah help you shine!

- Lindsey H

I find I reach out to Sarah when my life starts to feel in disarray. She always has a keen sense of what to say and how to say it. Along with providing realistic suggestions and things to think about that I am able apply to my everyday life.  She is a great listener with equal ability to provide insight and clarity to those who are looking through fog or fighting through life’s difficulties.

- Sarah C

Are you ready...

  • To be authentically filled with joy?
  • To wake up every day with a purpose?
  • To let go of the excuses and doubt and all that isn’t serving you?

One-on-One Coaching
6-session packages

You’ll get the support, motivation, and the tools you need to move past feeling stuck and into the life you want to create.

Payment Plan
$3253 monthly payments
  • One-on-one coaching once a week
  • Personalized goal planning and support
  • Customized tools to help you reach your goals
  • Session recordings so you can review over and over
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Total Cost $975

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Still hesitating?
Wondering if you can really change?

Yes, you can. Take a moment and listen with your heart.
It's ready and so are you!

This is an investment in you and I am thrilled that you are ready to focus on your most precious resource – you!  I take this commitment just as seriously which is why my programs are not-refundable.  I believe that if you put in the work, you will see big changes in your life and I am dedicated to helping you get there.