Same Old Thinking

Same Old Thinking


Feeling worn out?  Emotionally drained?  Frustrated?  Lost?

How did that happen?

You know what…it doesn’t matter.  Don’t get me wrong–It’s not that I don’t care about you (because I do) but I know that no matter how you are feeling right now (even if it is not good), you need new thoughts.  You need a brand new way of thinking.  It is the only way you are going to leave all those icky feelings behind.

What’s the first thing that people do when they go on a diet?  They change what they eat and start exercising.  You don’t lose weight eating junk food while sitting on the coach (trust me…I have tried and it doesn’t work).  If you want to stop feeling worn out or frustrated, you have to stop doing the same thing that got you there and break your thought pattern.

Ok…great.  Now, how do you do that?

First, I want you to think about the end result.  How do you want to feel?  If you know where you are going, it is much easier to plan the route.  In working through the book The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, I found my core desire feelings and it changed everything.  So, no…I didn’t lose 20 pounds or make a million dollars over night.  What did change was my perception.  Whenever I have a decision to make or I find some of those old feelings and thoughts creeping in, I go back to my core desire feelings.  They are more than just words.  They are who I am deep down in my soul.

My core desire feelings are my compass, my inspiration, and my motivation.

Now that I have the destination, I can choose the path that will get me there (sometimes I like to take the scenic route and others I just want to jump on the highway and get there now).  It makes it easier to prioritize what I do and what is in my life.  I still struggle.  I still get lost.  But when that happens, I refer to my core desires and it is like my GPS says, “recalculating,” and gets me back on track.

It can happen for you too. Take a big deep breath and feel deep in your heart that you are worth it…because you are!

I know you are asking yourself, how can I start?

Here are a few ideas for you to get going.  Stop making excuses and put yourself first.  (nudge, nudge)

  • Meditate, take a walk in nature, find some peaceful alone time and have a heart-to-heart with your soul.  Ask your soul what it desires and quietly listen for the answer.
  • Sign up for my 5 day email series with activities to guide you through finding your core desire feelings.
  • Get The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte and uncover your core desire feelings through this half book/half workbook.  Page after page of deep inspiration and motivation.


Joy and blessings,