Maybe winter isn’t so bad

Maybe winter isn’t so bad

The temperatures here were teasing me with thoughts of spring.  It’s so close but cold temperatures are back and not gone for good.  Winter still has its cold hands gripped around the earth.

I am not a fan of winter (was that obvious?)  It has a cold that goes right through my bones no matter how many layers I wear.  And those layers make it hard to move around.  Have you ever settled in on the couch with several blankets, finally get them all in the right position to adequately cover every inch of your body only to notice the remote control just out of reach?  Fine. I will keep watching episodes of House Hunters (which was probably going to happen anyway…they never pick the house I think!)

I am sure those of you in warmer climates (you know who you are) have lost touch with the horrors of winter and might not understand so let me remind you.

Winter feels like suffering.  The cold air…painful.  Scraping the ice off of your car…impossible.  The darkness…miserable.

But maybe I am being dramatic (let me just turn my heated blanket up to high…ah…that feels better.)

Why do we have winter? I ask myself this question every day when I step outside and get slapped by the cold.  Bears hibernate through the winter (smart bears.)  The grass and trees do their own version of hibernation.  How I miss the bright greens in winter.  So why is winter important?

To rest.

Do you feel like sleeping more in the winter?  Perhaps you should listen to your body.  In our technological, overstimulated world, we have lost touch with our connection to the rhythm and cycles of the earth.  Each season has a purpose and instead of pushing against it, complaining the whole time, what if we stopped and flowed with the season?

Here are some ideas to put you in that winter-loving (or at least tolerating) state of mind:

Rest –
Don’t fight the darkness.  Use this time to get extra rest and give your body time to heal.  Perhaps the reason you keep getting colds is because your body needs a break.  Listen to it and slow down!

Stay In –
There is a hot new fad going around called hygge.  If you have not heard of it, I highly recommend you google it.  It is an old Danish concept that translates to “cozy togetherness.”  I don’t know why it took so long for us to jump on board.  Think comfy clothes, warm blankets, hot cocoa, and a night in with family and friends.

Pamper Yourself –
When you are done on google, hop over to Pinterest and find some at-home, DIY face masks or relaxing bath bombs – and actually make them.  Grab some essential oils (my favorite new hobby) and fill your home with yummy scents.  You don’t have to spend money to feel pampered.  Simply focus on taking care of yourself.

As the remaining days of winter pass by, take the time to prepare for the growth of spring.  There is much work ahead, but for now, grab a blanket (or two), curl up with that book you bought too long ago and haven’t started, and relax.  Gather your energy, heal the body, and before you know it – spring will arrive!

How are you getting ready for spring?  Post your ideas here on my Facebook page.