Make it Work Moments

What’s your guilty pleasure TV show? Right now, mine is Project Runway. I normally avoid extreme drama or any drama. I stay away from those “reality” TV shows where people run high on every emotion...constantly. It’s exhausting. Ugh...too much. (Except for Survivor. Those people are allowed some extra drama since they’re in pure misery.

But on Project Runway, I can overlook some of the drama (and oh can there be drama!) watching the designers create dresses and outfits (apparently jumpsuits are very in.) I’m not a fashionista (obviously since I didn’t know about the jumpsuit thing) and I honestly don’t always see the beauty that the judges see in these clothes. I love watching the creative energy come to life.

During a recent binge-watching event, one episode had the designers pick fabric from a non-traditional section (think beach wear made from upholstery...even I know that’s not easy.) As is typical for Project Runway, there was another twist...they then had to switch their perfectly chosen fabric with another designer. Many horrified faces and fits that would make any 2-year-old proud! So now they must make a dress out of the material they didn’t pick (and really hate) one was happy.

The designers took something they didn’t want but still created something they were proud to send down the runway. It made me think.

How many times have you found yourself in a situation that you didn’t choose, but had to make it work? Did you throw a fit (maybe a little) or did you push forward?

Unless you live alone on an island, the people around you will create circumstances that you do not choose but must live with anyway. You can either find that island or learn to how to get through it.

Ask yourself these questions. Not to get through, but to own it!

Why am I really upset?

I often find that I’m annoyed at someone else when I didn’t speak my mind or stand up for myself. I’m sulking because I didn’t say no or didn’t say what I really wanted. Speak up! No one is reading your mind (even if you think they are.)

Is this one of those life lessons I hear so much about?

Life has a way of teaching when you don’t realize you’re in class. You learn the biggest life lessons from experience (and never one that you planned.) Let go of some control and see where this takes you. You may like it.

Maybe…just maybe…is there someone or some force that knows more than you do?

I know. It’s hard to believe, but you might not know everything. I kid, but how many times are you faced with a situation you don’t want, and it all works out. Maybe even better than you could have planned.

A long time ago someone told me that life is like the underside of a blanket. One of those blankets with a picture made of threads. The back looks like a crazy mess, but the other side has a pretty picture. To us, life looks messy and random, but if we could see it from the other side, we would see that every thread is in just the right place.

Trust that there is a reason, even if you don’t know what it is.

Alright, now it’s your turn! Are you in the middle of a situation someone else picked out for you? How are you going to make it work?

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