Let’s Celebrate!

Do you remember...

High school graduation. Top of the world. No more tests and projects. You can do anything you want!

Oh, wait, then there was college. But you got through that. Graduation. Degree in hand. Ready to take on the world.

First day on the job. And all that schooling didn’t teach you how to use the copy machine or how actually to do this new job.

Every time you reach your goal, there is something new on the other side.

A new experience that seems impossible at first (like when you took that 8 am Speech class...who can think let alone speak that early or that job where you had to manage somehow to figure out how to do your job with no training or direction) yet somehow you reach the end. Success takes on many forms, whether it’s graduation or quitting a thankless job because you know you can do better. Success always leads to a new beginning.

As I’m making my way through my summer reading, the lessons remind me that even when I successfully make a change in my life, there is always more to learn.

 More growing to do.

Congratulations on every successful change you’ve made and every graduation to a new level of living. Don’t feel defeated when it seems that just when you figure life out, it changes on you. It’s supposed to change. Throw yourself a party and get ready for the next level. You’ll find your way through this one too.

Put it into action:

We can so easily forget all that we have accomplished when we are stuck. Grab that journal and write out 5 “graduations” you have had. When did you make that last mindset change? When did you move past your fears? When did you take that brave leap into the unknown? Celebrate all that you have achieved. You will have much more to come.

I know that feeling. You can’t even put it into words. You don’t know what to do. You don’t think you can do it this time. I’m here to tell you...you can do this! But if you’re feeling like you’re not going to make it passed this lesson and you need some tutoring to make the grade...click here to schedule a FREE introductory session with me to get the help you need.