Happy Birthday to Me

Today I turn 41 (although my mother likes to remind me that I’m actually starting my 42nd year…thanks, Mom!)

I’ve always loved my birthday. And being on the 5th of July, it always starts with a BANG!

When I was young, however, I hated fireworks. I would hide under furniture and crawl into corners to get away from them. (I was basically like your average dog in a sense.) They were just too loud for me. It probably didn’t help that most of my early memories of the Fourth centered around my father, neighbor, and uncle tempting fate. Yet somehow, year after year, they managed to keep out of the hospital.  The fastest my father ever moved was the year a bottle rocket when through the attic window.  

My fear of fireworks is long gone. I love kicking off my birthday every year with sounds and smells of the Fourth. It makes it easy to go back to the year before and reflect on who I was then. 

Now here I am…41 years old. How did that happen? Time really does seem to move faster the older you get.

I start every year with a new promise, a new hope. And another year will pass and it seems it never goes exactly as I planned. Do you find that too?

 Yet, I’m so grateful.

For every seemingly wrong turn on my path, I’m grateful.

For all that I‘ve learned, even when it took me a whole bunch of tries, I’m grateful.

Knowing I’ll get another chance on all the things I didn’t learn this time, I’m grateful.

For every person in my life – the good, the great, and the frustrating. You make my life colorful and unique and I’m grateful.

For this body (which I haven’t always treated well) for getting me through another year, I’m grateful.

This year, I’m not making a plan. I have a general direction to head towards, but that’s it. I’m opening myself up to all the experiences (good and bad), all the lessons, all the people, and all the choices I get to make in this my 42nd year.

I feel more empowered and at peace than any other birthday. And for that, I’m most grateful.