Question:  What is life coaching?

Answer: Life coaching helps people improve their lives by motivating, challenging, and guiding an individual to make life changes.  To make these changes, the client does not look back, but focuses on right now and what goals and actions are needed.

Question:  Who is life coaching for?

Answer:  Life coaching is for anyone and everyone. Have you tried to set goals in the past with limited success, or do you feel stuck in your current situation? Perhaps you just want to learn more about yourself or get your life back in balance. Working with a life coach can reveal those answers and help you create a plan to reach your goals.

Question: What makes coaching so different from therapy?

Answer:  Understanding your past is important and can be a useful tool in moving forward. However, a lot of people are not interested in delving deeply into the past when their focus is on the now. Coaching can help achieve that outcome without investing time to understand the past. If you’re more interested in fixing your present and achieving your future, coaching is most likely a good fit for you.  I am not a licensed counselor so if you need emotional healing or have depression or anxiety, please schedule time with a counselor.

Question:  Where do we have our coaching sessions?

Answer:  Isn’t technology great?  We live during a great time where we can have a session online with technology like Skype or Google Hangouts that is just as effective as being in person.  We can even do sessions over the phone if that works better for you.  As long as you have a quiet place where you can focus on you for 60 minutes, we can make it work.  Clients typically have two to four sessions per month depending on their schedule. I care about you and your success and I will be with you along your journey to help hold you accountable.