Does a new moon mean a new you?

June 23rd at 10:30pm eastern is the new moon in Cancer.


New moons are a mini New Years.

It’s the perfect time to have set new intentions. The best part is you only need to focus on a month, not a whole year. You can totally do that!

Plus a new moon gives you an excuse for some quality “me” time with your own personal moon ritual. *Note: large bubbling cauldron with rat’s tail is not required.

Before we get into planning, let’s talk a little bit about what it means to have a new moon in Cancer. Now I am not an astrology expert, but I am an expert on being a Cancer girl. Crabs unite! Being a July baby, I know that my favorite place is in my shell and I experience a wide range of emotions – sometimes all at once. Here is how I see it. Cancers are a water sign and they’re ruled by the moon. And for all you kids who passed 4th grade science, you know that tide changes are caused by the moon. Do you see what happens…my planet keeps messing with my element. That is why I can be a little sensitive.

Science break – if you’re curious I found this fun video to help explain. 

Back to the new moon…with a new moon in Cancer, you know that we are heading into some emotional times. It also means there is a greater focus on relationships and family, plus taking care of yourself and others.

Since you probably already go above and beyond for others, let’s use this energy to focus on you a bit more. Shall we?


New moon ritual in 3 easy steps

Self-care – Lots of options for this step so do what feels best for you.

  • Cancerian energy is all about water so take a bubble bath with extra bubbles for extra fun
  • Cancers can be a little insecure (that’s ok, right?) so meditation (add link) is a perfect way to check in with yourself and get in touch with that inner you.
  • Connect with your relationships and go for a walk with your bestie (person or dog)
  • Nurture yourself by reading a book for more than 5 minutes without interruptions (extra bonus points if you can read for more than 30 minutes)

Set Intentions – With every new moon, we have a new chance to focus on our goals.The first step in reaching goals is to know what they are. Take out your trusted diary or notebook, grab your favorite pen and start writing. The more energy you put into creating sacred intentions with yourself and the universe, the better your results will be. This is your time to go deep and plant new seeds that you want to manifest. Since we are in the Cancerian energy, this is a great time to focus on home, family, and your emotional and physical security.

Create a sacred space – Find a place in your home that you can create a little altar space with things that will help you focus on your intentions throughout the month. If you are going to focus on your family, include a picture of them. If you are focusing on your own emotional well-being, include things that make you feel good like flowers or that adorable elephant figurine that makes you smile whenever you see it. I like to include a few crystals to help raise the energy. Moonstone is perfect for this month.

Check out my moonstone. Perfect for a new moon.

Take action

The most important thing to remember is that this ritual is for you.  Make the time to focus on yourself today and throughout the month. During the next full moon, look back at your intentions and see how many have come true. If one hasn’t at all, it’s a good chance to take a closer look. Is it really the right thing for you?

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